Section 27-74 Owners to have thirty days to make improvements.

    (a) The ordinance referred to in section 27-73 above shall provide that after the publication thereof, the owners of the property affected by the improvement shall have thirty (30) days from the date of the publication to make and complete the improvement provided for in the ordinance under the direction of the director of the water and light department and in conformity with the plans and specifications filed as provided for in section 27-73. At the end of such thirty (30) days, the owners of the land affected by the improvement shall cease to have a right to make the improvement by private contract and the council shall have the power to cause a contract for such work to be let to the lowest and best bidder on the plans and specifications filed as aforesaid with the city clerk by the director of the water and light department, not less than one week's advertisement for bids thereon being made in some newspaper published in the city.

    (b) In the event there are no bids received, that bids are above estimates, or all bids are rejected for any reason, the city council may order the city clerk to advertise for bids as in the first instance, or may, by ordinance, order and require the city official charged with the responsibility for such improvement under the charter to perform such work, using the city's own departments and employees, in accordance with the plans and specifications adopted therefor and the conditions of the charter and this article. Such city official shall keep an accurate account of the cost of the separate items thereof, and the city shall pay for the labor and material and all other costs of such work out of any funds which they may have on hand available for such purpose; and at the completion of such work, either by contract or by the city as last provided, shall provide for payment therefor as set forth in the charter, this article and other ordinances governing public improvements.
(Code 1964, § 14.950)