Section 27-79 Private water mains.

    (a) Private water mains shall be supplied with water by the department so long as the mains are in good condition and do not provide a health hazard.

    (b) Private water mains shall not be permitted to occupy city rights-of-way or easements, except at the point of connection to the distribution system, unless such mains were in operative use in the distribution of water prior to the dedication and acceptance of such right-of-way or easement.

    (c) Proposed private water mains shall be installed only under the approval, direction and inspection of the director.

    (d) Private water mains shall be and remain the property of the individual, corporation or association claiming ownership; the department shall have no responsibility for their maintenance.

    (e) The department shall not bear the expense of reconnecting customers from private mains to the city mains; in all circumstances, the actual cost of labor, equipment and material, plus overhead, by not more than the standard water service charge, shall be charged the customer.

(Code 1964, § 15.350)