Section 28-27 Application.

    The application for license shall be addressed to the business license administrator, upon a form to be furnished by the administrator, and verified by the affidavit of the owner of the vehicle, and shall state the following:

    (1)    That the owner desires to obtain a license from the city to operate the motor bus for the conveyance of passengers, with or without baggage, over and upon the public streets.

    (2)    The name and address of the owner and, if a corporation, in addition to its name and address, the name and addresses of its officers.

    (3)    The name of the manufacturer and factory number of buses to be operated.

    (4)    The state license number.

    (5)    The city license number.

    (6)    That a permit has been obtained from the city council, as required by this article, and that the bond required has been approved and filed.

(Code 1964, § 11.163)