Section 28-32 Sale or transfer of bus.

    Upon the sale or transfer of a motor bus for which a license shall have been obtained in accordance with the terms of this article, the vendee shall immediately file with the business license administrator an application to have the license transferred from the vendor to the vendee. This application shall state all the matters required in the original application, and, in addition thereto, the name and address of the vendor and vendee, the number and date of the original license, the date of such sale or transfer, and shall be accompanied by the original license and license plate and a copy of the bill of sale. Such application shall be verified by affidavit. Upon the filing of the application and the payment of one dollar ($1.00) to the business license administrator, the administrator shall transfer the license on the records in his office from the vendor to the vendee, and shall issue a new license plate to the vendee for the unexpired portion of the old license.

(Code 1964, § 11.168; Ord. No. 9919, § 1, 8-15-83)