Section 28-60 License stickers.

    (a) Issuance. After the issuance of such license to an applicant, as required under this article, and after the applicant has filed the required liability insurance policy or bond, the business license administrator shall thereupon, upon the payment of the license tax herein provided, issue and deliver to the applicant such license, together with a sticker for each motor vehicle covered by the license.

    (b) Display. Such license sticker shall be conspicuously displayed and permanently affixed on the windshield of the motor vehicle for which it is issued.

    (c) Records. The business license administrator shall keep a record of the number of the license stickers issued to each licensee together with the make, model and motor number of the motor vehicle for which each was issued.
    (d) Replacements. Upon the licensee signing an affidavit stating that a license sticker, as provided for in the preceding section, issued to him has been lost or destroyed, it shall be the duty of the business license administrator, upon the payment of a fee of twenty-five cents ($0.25) to the administrator for his use and to cover the cost of such sticker to the city, to issue a substitute license and sticker bearing a new number assigned to the motor vehicle for which issued.

(Code 1964, §§ 11.270, 11.280)