Section 28-77 Definitions.

    For the purpose of this article, the following definitions and rules of construction shall  apply:

     Business license administrator. The City of Columbia business license administrator or the administrator’s designee.

     Certified mechanic. Any mechanic certified by the State of Missouri to make the vehicle safety inspections required by state statute.

    Conviction.  This term shall include a plea of guilty or a finding of guilty followed by a suspended imposition of sentence.

     Director. The City of Columbia director of finance or the director’s   designee.

     Limousine. Any motor vehicle with driver offered to the public for the purpose of transporting passengers for a fixed charge or fee or a rate based primarily upon the amount of time the vehicle is retained.

     Limousine service. The business of offering to the public motor vehicles for carrying or transportation of passengers between Columbia Regional Airport and points within the city for a fixed charge or fee, or the business of offering a motor vehicle with driver to the public for the transportation of passengers at a rate based primarily upon the amount of time the vehicle is retained.

     Manifest. A daily record prepared by a taxicab or limousine driver showing the starting and ending time and vehicle mileage covered by the daily use of the vehicle and a listing of all trips made by such driver, showing time and place origin, destination, number of passengers, and the amount of fare of each trip.

     Shared ride. The nonexclusive use of a taxicab by two (2) or more unrelated passengers having either a common point of origin or a common destination point and traveling in the same general direction.

     Taxicab. A public passenger motor vehicle with a rated passenger-carrying capacity of eight (8) or less with driver furnished for hire on a call or demand basis to transport persons, packages or messages where route traveled and trip destination are controlled by the passenger and at a charge or fare based upon time and mileage and recorded and indicated on a taximeter.

     Taxicab business. The business of offering taxicabs to the public.

     Taximeter. A meter instrument or device attached to a taxicab which measures the distance driven and the waiting time upon which the fare is based.

     Vehicle for hire. Any privately owned motor vehicle, animal-drawn vehicle or other vehicle designed or used for the transportation of passengers for hire other than a motorbus or a vehicle governed by the state public service commission or its successor, the charges for the use of which are determined by agreement, mileage or by the length of time for which the vehicle is engaged.

     Waiting time. The time when a taxicab is not in motion from the time of acceptance of a passenger or passengers to the time of discharge, but does not include any time that the taxicab is not in motion if due to any cause other than the request, act or fault of a passenger or passengers.

(Ord. No. 12094, § 1, 12-12-88; Ord. No. 17348, § 1, 6-17-02)

(Ord. 17348, Amended, 06/17/2002, Prior Text)