Section 28-78 Enforcement.

    (a) The provisions of this article shall apply to all vehicles which may be used as taxicabs or limousines or otherwise engage in the carriage of passengers as a vehicle for hire within the city limits of Columbia, except that this article shall not apply to any person who shall operate a vehicle for hire within the city limits solely for the purpose of discharging a passenger or a parcel of merchandise which originated outside of the city limits; provided, that the vehicle is not otherwise routinely based, operated or solicited within the city limits .  The provisions of this article shall not apply to transportation provided by any person who possesses a permit issued by the State Division of Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety or Missouri Public Service Commission to transport passengers for hire and over whom the city has no authority .

    (b) It shall be the duty of the director, with the assistance of the police department, to administer and enforce the provisions of this article.

    (c) Nothing in this article shall be construed to exempt persons governed by its provisions from the license requirements of any other provision of law nor shall payment of any fees required by this article exempt any persons from the payment of any other fee required by law.

(Ord. No. 12094, § 1, 12-12-88; Ord. No. 17348, § 1, 6-17-02)

(Ord. 17348, Amended, 06/17/2002, Prior Text)