Section 28-80 Application.

    Any person desiring to secure a permit to engage in, operate or conduct a taxicab business or limousine service or similar business within the city shall file with the business license administrator a written application therefor, in duplicate, verified under oath, giving the following information:

    (1)    The full name, residential and business addresses of the applicant for the past five (5) years; if a partnership, the name and residential and business addresses of all the partners for the past five (5) years; if a corporation, the name and residential address of all of the officers and directors for the past five (5) years.

    (2)    Whether or not the applicant, or any persons listed in subsection (1) above, has been convicted of the violation of any federal or state felony law, or any federal or state misdemeanor involving the use or threat of force or violence or theft  or the sale of or possession of illegal  drugs or sexual abuse; or, within the previous two (2) years, has been convicted of violating any provision of this Code or has ever had a license or permit issued by the city business license administrator revoked or suspended.

    (3)    Whether or not the applicant or any person listed in subsection (1) above has unpaid claims or unsatisfied judgments against him for damages resulting from the negligent operation of a vehicle.

    (4)    The past experience, if any, that the applicant has had in rendering a taxicab, limousine or similar service, including the dates such service was rendered and the city wherein the service was rendered.

    (5)    Whether or not any license or permit to operate a taxicab, limousine or similar service issued to applicant has ever been revoked or suspended, and if so, the circumstances of the revocation or suspension.

    (6)    The number of vehicles proposed to be operated and a complete identification of each, including the make, model, motor number and vehicle identification number of each taxicab or limousine and the registered owner; provided, however that the make, model, motor number and vehicle identification number of each new motor vehicle included in the application may be supplied by the applicant and endorsed on the application at any time prior to the actual issuance of the permit by the director.

    (7)    The arrangements the applicant has made for the public to secure transportation in the applicant's taxicabs or limousines including the manner in which such vehicles will be dispatched.

    (8)    If the application is for a permit to operate a taxicab business, the color scheme, name and characteristic insignia to be used to designate the taxicabs of the applicant.

    (9)    Such further information as the director may reasonably require.

(Ord. No. 12094, § 1, 12-12-88; Ord. No. 17348, § 1, 6-17-02)

(Ord. 17348, Amended, 06/17/2002, Prior Text)