Section 28-83 Inspection.

    Vehicle permits shall only be granted after an inspection as set out in this section. In addition to all other vehicle inspections required by law, each vehicle governed by this article shall be subject to an annual inspection. All inspections shall be conducted by persons designated by the city manager and shall consist of the following:

    (1)    All taxicabs and limousines shall be inspected for proper markings, display of information, and the following:
        a.     Exterior. Headlights, taillights, brake lights, directional signal lights, license plate lights, windshield, vent glasses, windshield wipers, all other vehicle glass, glass window raisers, doors and door locks, trunk lid, trunk hood, and interior door handles, exhaust system, splash shields, hubcaps, bumpers, fenders, body and tires shall be inspected to ascertain that each is functioning properly. Each taxicab shall be maintained in a reasonably clean condition. There shall be no tears or rust holes in the vehicle body and no loose pieces such as fenders, bumpers or trim hanging from the vehicle body. There shall be no unrepaired body damage which would create a safety problem or interfere with the operation of the vehicle.

        b.     Interior. The rear view mirror, steering wheel, foot brakes, parking brakes, seat belts and air conditioning and heating systems shall be inspected to ascertain that each is functioning properly. The upholstery, floor mats, head lining, door panels and the trunk compartment shall be inspected to determine whether they are clean, free of tears, and that the trunk has sufficient space for passengers' luggage. The taximeter shall be inspected to determine that it is properly calibrated.

    (2)    Failure to have a vehicle inspected as required herein shall be a ground for suspension of the vehicle permit. If a vehicle for hire fails to pass the requirements of inspection, a correction slip shall be issued to the driver, listing the items that need correction and showing the status of the inspection. The vehicle shall not be operated as a vehicle for hire until it successfully passes inspection; provided, that the business license administrator, in his discretion, for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) days, may allow the continued use of a vehicle for hire which substantially complies with the inspection requirements. The business license administrator shall forward to the permit holder a copy of the correction slip.

    (3)    Nothing herein shall prohibit the random inspection of vehicles for hire by the business license administrator or police department where possible violations of this article or other violations of law regarding the condition of vehicles for hire are evidence by visual inspection.

    (4)    Denial or suspension of a vehicle permit may be appealed pursuant to the provisions of section 13-31 of the City Code.

(Ord. No. 12094, § 1, 12-12-88)