Section 28-86 Responsibility of permit holder.

    (a) Each permit holder operating a taxicab business or limousine service is required to maintain an office within the City of Columbia with regular business hours. A responsible representative of the permit holder shall be available during regular business hours to receive reports of lost articles, complaints, injuries and related matters. Each permit holder shall maintain a listing in all business directories commonly available to the public listing scheduled business hours. Each permit holder shall maintain a publicly listed telephone number.

    (b) Each permit holder shall on or before the fifth day of each month file with the director a verified list of all drivers including drivers entering or leaving his employ during the preceding month.

    (c) Upon notification from the director, the permit holder shall present any or all of its permitted vehicles for inspection by the city. If any vehicle remains in service and is not presented for inspection within ten (10) days of notification or does not pass inspection or any allowed reinspection and remains in service, such failure to present for inspection or failure to pass inspection shall be grounds for revocation of the permit.

    (d) No permit holder shall allow a driver who is employed by or contracting with such permit holder to drive a taxicab or limousine or other such vehicle if the holder knows or has reason to know that the driver has failed to comply with this article, the rules and regulations established by the director or other applicable laws. The permit holder shall not permit any vehicle governed by this article to be operated for hire by anyone not registered as a driver pursuant to the requirements of this article.

    (e) The permit holder shall establish policy and take action to prevent or correct violations of this article by drivers who are employed by or contracting with such permit holder.

(Ord. No. 12094, § 1, 12-12-88; Ord. No. 13514, § 1, 11-16-92)