Section 28-90 Animal-drawn vehicles.

    (a) No person shall operate an animal-drawn vehicle for the purpose of carrying passengers for hire on the streets of Columbia without a permit.

    (b) Every person desiring to operate an animal-drawn vehicle as set out above shall make application for a permit to the director on forms provided by the director.

    (c) Animal-drawn vehicles shall be inspected for proper markings and materials, exterior lights, glass (no cracks), license plate and license plate lights (if applicable), doors and door locks, body and interior check for conditions of upholstery and floor, and proper lubrication of body, springs and wheels. In addition, the harness must be oiled and cleaned so as to be soft at all times; and the harness must be properly fitted and maintained and kept free of makeshift materials such as wire, sisal rope and rusty chaining.

(Ord. No. 12094, § 1, 12-12-88)