Section 28-97 Additional passengers in taxicabs.

    (a) When a driver is transporting a passenger, no other person shall be received by the driver into such taxicab until the destination is reached without the consent of such passenger. No charge shall be made for any additional passenger except when the passenger rides beyond the previous passenger's destination, and then only for the additional distance traveled, except for the charge for an extra passenger as posted in the schedule of rates.

    (b) In cases where more than one passenger enters a taxicab at the same time, bound for different destinations, the fare shall be charged as follows: When a passenger reaches his destination and pays his fare, the meter shall be reset. When a passenger reaches his destination and does not pay the fare or any part of the fare, then the fare or any part of the fare not paid by the passenger shall be paid by the last passenger to reach his destination. However, the last passenger so delivered shall not be liable to pay more than the rate that he would have been obligated to pay if he were the only passenger from point of being taken on as a passenger to his point of destination.

    (c) Any person operating a taxicab in violation of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(Ord. No. 12094, § 1, 12-12-88)