Section 28-98 Fares--Establishing, posting.

    (a) All permit holders shall establish fare schedules. taxicab business permit holders shall establish metered fare schedules. Fare schedules and metered fare schedules shall be filed with the business license administrator at least thirty (30) days before becoming effective. No fare shall be charged which is in excess of the fare computed in accordance with the established fare schedule.

    (b) For all vehicles operating under this article, the business license administrator shall issue rate cards stating the rate information filed in his office. Such rate cards shall be displayed at all times within the vehicle in full view of any passenger. The card shall also state that upon request the driver will estimate the charge to the passenger's destination.

    (c) The originating passenger shall be offered the opportunity to read this rate card prior to engaging the services of the taxicab and, whenever possible, prior to entering the taxicab or loading any items of property into the taxicab.
    (d) Every driver of a vehicle governed by this article shall, when requested by a paying passenger, give a numbered receipt, showing the driver's name, the name of the company, permit number, fleet number of the taxicab, date and amount of fare.

    (e) Limousine rates:

    (1)     Fixed rates: A limousine operator transporting passengers between the Columbia Regional Airport and points within the city shall charge each passenger a fixed amount between the point from which he departs and the regional airport or vice versa. A passenger may not be charged for the distance traveled between points within, nor may any limousine operator accept passengers who wish to be transported solely between points within the city.

    (2)     Hourly rates: A limousine operator transporting passengers within the city limits to any other place shall charge an hourly rate. The minimum charge shall be an amount equal to the rate charged for one hour.

(Ord. No. 12094, § 1, 12-12-88)