Section 29-21 District A-1, Agricultural district.

    (a) Purpose. This district is intended to provide for any land-intensive agricultural uses contained within the city, certain public uses, and facilities or activities best located in a more isolated area. The principal land use is an agricultural area or public facility.

    (b) Permitted Uses. In district A-1, no building, land or premises shall be used and no building shall be hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed or altered except for one or more of the following uses (for exceptions, see section 29-28, Non--Conforming Uses, and section 29-31, Board of Adjustment):

All permitted uses in district R-1.

Agricultural uses which shall include any use of land consisting of at least two and one-half (2 1/2) acres for the purpose of crops, grazing animals, orchards, trees or forest lands, and any other use pertaining to farming or agricultural research. Such uses shall allow all the types of structures normally associated with these uses, including one dwelling unit (not to include a mobile home), storage bins, barns, sheds, tool houses, garages, and any other use or facility ancillary to farming or open land.

Buildings and premises for public utility services or public service corporations.

Cemeteries which may include mausoleums thereon.

Greenhouses and plant nurseries for wholesaling only.

    (c) Conditional Uses. The following uses shall be permitted in district A-1 only after the issuance of a conditional use permit pursuant to the provisions of section 29-23:

A second dwelling unit on lots of two and five tenths (2.5) acres or more (not to include a manufactured home).
    Aviation fields or airports.

Mines and quarries.

Reservoirs, wells, water towers, filter beds, water supply stations or pumping stations.

Sanitary landfills.

    (d) Height and Area Regulations. In district A-1 any building, portion of a building or dwelling hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed or altered shall be subject to the following regulations (for exceptions, see section 29-26, Height and Area Exceptions):

    (1)     Lot size. Not less than two and one-half (2 1/2) acres or seven thousand (7,000) square feet for non-agricultural uses.

    (2)     Lot width. No minimum requirement.

    (3)     Yards.

        a.    Front--Not less than twenty-five (25) feet.

        b.    Rear--Not less than twenty-five (25) feet.

        c.    Side--Not less than twenty-five (25) feet.

    (4)     Building height. Not over thirty-five (35) feet.

    (5)     Vision clearance. On any corner lot on which a front or side yard is required, no wall, fence, sign, or other structure or no plant growth of a type which would interfere with traffic visibility across the corner shall be permitted or maintained higher than three (3) feet above the curb level, within fifteen (15) feet of the intersection of the street right-of-way lines.

    (6)     Floor area. Not less than six hundred fifty (650) square feet in a dwelling unit excluding basements, porches and garages.

    (7)     Parking. (See section 29-30, Off-Street Parking and Loading.)

(Code 1964, § 19.190; Ord. No. 9958, § 1, 10-3-83; Ord. No. 11702, § 1, 12-7-87)