Prior to the adoption of 15673 on 07/20/1998, Section 29-7 read as follows.

    (a) Purpose. This district is intended to provide for one-and two-family residential developments of various types and mixes. The principal land use is one-family or duplex residential dwellings.

    (b) Permitted Uses. In district R-2, no building or land shall be used, and no building shall be hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed or altered, except for one or more of the following uses (for exceptions see section 29-28, Non--Conforming Uses, and section 29-31, Board of Adjustment):

All permitted uses in district R-1.

Dwellings, two-family.

    (c) Conditional Uses. The following uses shall be permitted in district R-2 only after the issuance of a conditional use permit pursuant to the provisions of section 29-23:

Buildings and premises for public utility services or public service corporations whose buildings or uses the board deems reasonably necessary for public convenience or welfare.

Cemeteries, which may include mausoleums thereon, for humans.

Home occupations, subject to the criteria listed for home occupations in Section 29-6(b); except that the home occupation may be carried out by occupants of the dwelling unit as well as by one full-time forty-hour individual or two one-half time (twenty hours each) individuals who do not reside in the dwelling unit. In addition, the Board may allow that not more than forty (40) percent of the total floor area of the dwelling unit and garage shall be devoted to the home occupation. A conditional use permit for a home occupation shall expire three (3) years from the date of approval, after which a new conditional use permit may be requested.

Private lakes.

Private outdoor swim and tennis clubs.

Private stables.

Reservoirs, wells, water towers, filter beds, water supply plants or water pumping stations.

Reuse of places of public assembly, with the same conditions and restrictions as set forth in section 29-6(c), Conditional Uses.

    (d) Height and Area Regulations. In district R-2 any building, portion of a building, or dwelling hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed, or altered shall be subject to the following regulations (for exceptions see section 20-26, Height and Area Exceptions):

    (1)     Lot size:

        a.    One-Family--Not less than five thousand (5,000) square feet.

        b.    Two-Family--Not less than ten thousand (10,000) square feet.

        Provided, that where a public or community sewer is not available and in use for disposal of all sanitary sewage, each lot shall provide not less than fifteen thousand (15,000) square feet per family.

    (2)     Lot width. Not less than sixty (60) feet at the building line, provided that where a lot has less width than herein required, in separate ownership at the time of the passage of Ordinance No. 9958, this regulation will not prohibit the erection of a one-family dwelling.

    (3)     Yards:

        a.    Front--Not less than twenty-five (25) feet in depth, except as provided in section 29-26.

        b.    Rear--Twenty-five (25) per cent of lot depth, or twenty-five (25) feet, whichever is less.

        c.    Side--Not less than six (6) feet in width each. Buildings on corner lots where interior lots have been platted on side streets shall provide a side yard adjacent to the side street of not less than fifty (50) per cent of the front yard established for buildings on interior lots on the side street, provided this regulation shall not be so interpreted as to reduce the buildable width of a corner lot of record at the time of passage of Ordinance No. 9958, to less than sixty-five (65) per cent of the total width of such lot, and provided further, that the minimum side yard regulations in this section must be observed. Accessory buildings on corner lots, where interior lots have been platted on side streets, shall not project beyond the front yard line established on the side street, provided this regulation shall not reduce the buildable width to less than twenty (20) feet.

    (4)     Building height. Not over thirty-five (35) feet except as provided in section 29-26.

    (5)     Vision clearance. On any corner lot on which a front or side yard is required, no wall, fence, sign, or other structure or no plant growth of a type which would interfere with traffic visibility across the corner, shall be permitted or maintained higher than three (3) feet above the curb level, within fifteen (15) feet of the intersection of the street right-of-way lines.

    (6)     Floor area:

        a.    One-family--Not less than six hundred fifty (650) square feet excluding basements, porches and garages.

        b.    Two-family--Not less than five hundred (500) square feet per dwelling unit excluding basements, porches and garages.

    (7)     Parking. (See section 29-30, Off-Street Parking and Loading.)

(Code 1964, § 19.151; Ord. No. 9958, § 1, 10-3-83; Ord. No. 14940, § 1, 8-19-96)