Section 3-23 Meetings; attendance; quorum.

     The board shall hold regular meetings at such times as it shall fix, and other meetings at the call of the chair. The city manager shall receive notice of all meetings of the board. The chair of the board is authorized to excuse any member from attendance at a board meeting; provided, that the member requested to be excused before the meeting. Any member who is absent, without being excused, from twenty-five (25) percent of the regular board meetings held in a calendar year shall automatically forfeit the office.   Any member who is absent from two (2) of the regularly scheduled board meetings in the previous twelve (12) months without being excused shall automatically forfeit the office.  Any member who is absent, with excuse, from three (3)  of the  regular ly scheduled meetings in the previous twelve (12) months shall automatically forfeit the office  unless the board, meeting on or after the third excused absence, temporarily suspends this provision because the absence(s) was beyond the member’s reasonable control.  Each subsequent excused absence, four (4) or more in the previous twelve (12) months, will likewise be reviewed by the board, which may at its discretion, declare the office forfeited . It shall be the duty of the chair to promptly notify the council  or other appointing authority  of the vacancy. A quorum for the transaction of business at such meetings shall be  at least fifty (50) percent  of the duly appointed voting members of the board.   For representatives of Boone County, Jefferson City, Fulton and Ashland, who have two (2) unexcused absences or three (3) excused absences in the previous twelve (12) months, the board may notify the appointing authority and request a replacement.

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(Ord. 22015, Amended, 04/07/2014, Prior Text; Ord. 17658, Amended, 04/21/2003, Prior Text)