Section 3-43 Commercial uses by limousines; permit issuance.

    (a) The manager is hereby authorized to designate an area for the exclusive use of each limousine service operating to and from the airport and to limit the solicitation of business by the operators and owners of such vehicles to that area.

    (b) Operating permits for each limousine may be issued by the manager for a period not to exceed one (1) calendar year upon a showing that:

    (1)    Each limousine is licensed by the State of Missouri and the Public Service Commission when required;

    (2)    Each limousine is licensed by the city to which it operates when required;

    (3)    The owner or operator can present proof to the manager that each limousine is in good mechanical condition and has been inspected by a certified mechanic within thirty (30) days of the application for such permit;

    (4)    Each limousine has a functioning two-way radio with communications to a base station that is capable of summoning emergency aid;

    (5)    The owner or operator of each vehicle owns and maintains a policy of liability insurance for each limousine as approved by the city finance director;

    (6)    Each person operating a limousine does possess a valid chauffeur's license issued by the State of Missouri.

    (c) Each person operating a limousine must obtain a City of Columbia chauffeur's license.

    (d) All limousines must be maintained clean and in good mechanical condition and all drivers must be clean and well groomed at all times.

    (e) Current limousine rates must be posted in the vehicle and in the airport manager's office.

    (f) A fee may be charged for such permit as set forth in the airport rules and regulations.

(Ord. No. 10665, § 1(3.150), 8-5-85)