Section 4-104 Server certificate; how obtained.

    (a)    A person desiring to be employed as a server shall submit a written application for a server certificate to the department on forms provided by the department.  The application shall be submitted by the applicant in person so that the applicant may be photographed.  There shall be a fee of five dollars ($5.00) for each new or renewed server certificate and a fee of five dollars ($5.00) for each duplicate server certificate.  This fee shall be waived if the server certificate is obtained in conjunction with a new or renewed food manager’s or food handler’s certificate.

    (b)    An applicant must successfully complete the State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training (SMART) or some other training program approved by the director within the twelve (12) months immediately preceding submission of the application.  

    (c)    The server certificate  shall be valid for three (3) years from the date of issuance and shall be in the form of a badge displaying the name and photograph of the certificate holder.

(Ord. No. 21513, § 1, 11-19-12)

(Ord. 21513, Added, 11/19/2012)