Section 4-17 Consumption by minors.

(a)    The drinking or consumption of intoxicating liquor or nonintoxicating beer shall not be permitted in, upon or about any licensed premises by any person under twenty-one (21) years of age.

(b)     In any prosecution or licensing action involving this section, it shall be an affirmative defense that the licensee was in full compliance with the identification provisions of section 311.328.1 RSMo. and that the licensee was acting in good faith.

( Ord No. 18006, § 1, 3-1-04)

Editor's note - Prior to the adoption of Ord. No. 18006, §1 on March 1, 2004, Sec. 4-17 was known as Sec. 4-11.

(Ord. 18006, Amended, 03/01/2004)