Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21015 on 07/05/2011, Section 5-10 read as follows.

     (a)     No person shall sell, or offer for sale, within the limits of the city, any exotic animal, as defined in section 5-1 of this chapter.

    (b)    No person shall allow an exotic animal to be in any public place.  This subsection shall not apply to:

    (1)    Animals owned by and properly confined in a properly maintained and licensed zoological park.

    (2)    Animals owned by a circus that are properly confined or under the control of an animal trainer or handler.

    (3)    Animals confined in a scientific or educational institution, research laboratory or veterinary hospital.

    (c)    No person shall keep, harbor, own or allow on the person’s premises any exotic animal unless the animal is not a dangerous exotic animal and is registered with and permitted by the director.  The registration shall contain the name and contact information of the person registering the exotic animal.  The director may place reasonable conditions on approval of an exotic animal permit.  The permit shall be in effect for one (1) year from the date it is issued. The director may deny or revoke a permit if the permit applicant or holder has violated any provision of this chapter or any condition of an exotic animal permit.  The applicant or permit holder is entitled to a hearing under article VII to contest the denial or revocation.

(Code 1964, §§ 5.051, 5.052; Ord. No. 18576, § 1, 7-5-05)