Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21015 on 07/05/2011, Section 5-2 read as follows.

    All structures, pens, coops or yards wherein animals or fowl are kept or permitted to be, shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, devoid of all rodents and vermin, and free from offensive, disagreeable or noxious smell or odor to the injury, annoyance or inconvenience of any person inhabitant of the neighborhood. The interior walls of all such structures shall be whitewashed or painted annually or oftener as the health officer shall direct. The enclosed area of all such structures shall be constructed in such a way as to be dry at all times on the inside. The health officer may at any time inspect, or cause to be inspected, any structure or premises and issue any such order as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.

(Code 1964, § 5.090)