Section 5-3 Disposition of animals biting or attacking persons.

    (a)      Except as provided in subsections (b), (c) and (d), any dog or cat which bites, injures or attacks any person shall be immediately impounded for a period of ten (10) days. The animal shall be impounded in Boone County, Missouri by the animal's owner with a veterinarian of the owner's choice or with a veterinarian in another location approved by the director or the director's designee. It shall be unlawful for the animal's owner to refuse to so impound the animal. If the animal's owner does not impound the animal, the animal control officer is authorized to impound the animal in the city pound. If, within the period of ten (10) days, the animal does not develop or manifest rabies, it may be redeemed by the owner upon the payment of the boarding fee and impoundment fee provided for in section 5-5 if the animal is in the custody of the city, or the payment of usual and customary fees if the animal has been in the custody of a veterinarian of the owner's choice. If the animal is not redeemed at the end of the ten-day period, it shall be humanely disposed of, as provided for in this chapter. If the animal develops signs of rabies, the animal control officer shall have the animal examined by a licensed veterinarian. Any other warm-blooded animal that is suspected of having rabies or that bites, injures or attacks any person may, upon the order of the director , be impounded and humanely euthanized, and the brain or other structures may be submitted for rabies diagnosis  subject to the provisions of article VII .

    (b)      Any trained dog maintained and utilized by the Columbia Police Department as a police dog which has been vaccinated against rabies as required by this Code and which while under the control or direction of the Columbia police bites or attacks any person shall be examined, impounded or tested as the director deems appropriate.

    (c)      If any dog or cat that has been vaccinated against rabies as required by this chapter bites a veterinarian while the veterinarian is examining or treating the animal, the animal shall be examined, impounded and tested only to the extent the veterinarian deems appropriate.

     (d)    In lieu of the impoundment requirements of subsection (a), a dog or cat that bites, injures, or attacks any person may, at the discretion of an animal control officer, be impounded at its owner’s place of residence, if all of the following requirements are met:

     (1)    The animal has been vaccinated against rabies, as required by this chapter;

     (2)    The animal was properly licensed by the city at the time of the incident;

     (3)    Neither the animal nor any other animal kept at the owner’s residence has a history of running at large;

     (4)    The animal does not have a history of causing injury to any person or animal;

     (5)    The animal's owner authorizes animal control officers to monitor the animal's condition for ten (10) days;

     (6)    The animal's owner agrees to have the animal examined by a veterinarian on the tenth day of impoundment ; and

         (7)        No one is being charged with a violation of Sec. 5-57 involving the animal to be impounded.

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     Cross reference(s)--Vicious dogs generally, § 5-57.

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