Section 5-64 Same--Tags and certificates.

    The business license administrator shall provide each deputy with a sufficient number of metallic tags of convenient size and shape, having cast thereon in sunken letters the number of the license and the year of issue, and take his receipt therefor. The deputy shall furnish to all animal owners who pay the animal license fee or who show proof of working dog certification one of such tags and a certificate of license, the license number of the tag to correspond with that on the certificate. The license certificate shall consist of an original and two (2) duplicate originals. The certificate shall contain the number of license, date of issuance, the name and address of the owner, and a description of the licensed animal. It shall bear the facsimile signature of the business license administrator, and shall be countersigned by his deputy. The deputy shall deliver the original of such license certificate to the animal control officer and one duplicate original to the business license administrator.

(Code 1964, § 5.071; Ord. No. 13502, § 1, 11-2-92)