Section 5-84 Same--Impoundment of unconfined livestock; costs.

    (a) Generally. Any livestock found upon property not owned or controlled by the livestock owner and not under the control of some competent person may be captured and impounded by the animal control officer, or any person designated by him. The owner of impounded livestock shall be liable for all reasonable charges for capturing and impounding such livestock, including all charges incidental thereto.

    (b) Sale of unclaimed, unpaid-for livestock. In the event that impounded livestock is not claimed or charges associated with the impoundment of livestock are not paid within fifteen (15) days, the director may direct that the livestock be sold at public auction, which shall occur no sooner than ten (10) days after notice of the time, date and place of sale, and a description of the livestock and location of capture has been posted in at least five (5) public places in the city. In case no bidders appear at such sale, the director may sell the livestock at private sale, securing the best possible price. From the proceeds of any sale held hereunder, the director shall first deduct the director’s charges or expenses and pay the director’s charges or expenses, and pay the balance into the city treasury, and such sums shall become a part of the general revenue fund. If at any time prior to the sale, the owner of such livestock shall exhibit satisfactory proof of ownership, the owner shall be entitled to redeem the livestock upon the payment of all fees and expenses. If, within six (6) months after the sale of the livestock, as above provided, the owner of any such livestock so sold shall exhibit to the council satisfactory proof of  ownership, the proceeds coming into the city treasury from such sale, after deduction of all charges and expenses, shall be refunded to the owner . Should the proceeds of the sale be inadequate to meet the city expenses, the owner shall be billed for the unpaid balance.

(Code 1964, § 5.108; Ord. No. 21015, § 1, 7-5-11)

(Ord. 21015, Amended, 07/05/2011, Prior Text)