Prior to the adoption of 17169 on 02/04/2002, Section 7-18 read as follows.

    The administrative staff of the disaster preparedness organization shall consist of a coordinator and other additional staff members to be selected by the coordinator in order to conform to the state organization and procedures for the conduct of emergency operations as outlined in the Missouri Disaster Operations Plan.

    (1)    The coordinator shall be appointed and subject to removal by the city manager.

    (2)    The coordinator shall have direct responsibility for the organization, administration and operations of local disaster planning subject to the direction and control of the city manager.

    (3)    The coordinator is authorized to select and obtain federal government surplus property through the state disaster planning and operations office, and the state department of education. The coordinator shall obtain the necessary approval to obligate the city for the handling charge imposed by the department of education, state agency for surplus property. The coordinator may delegate authority to obtain surplus property at the state agency for surplus property warehouse, with the approval of the city manager.
    (4)    The coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining records on use and disposal of all items of equipment placed under the jurisdiction of the disaster preparedness organization.

    (5)    The coordinator is authorized to submit all materials and sign all documents requested by the state disaster planning and operations office, to qualify the city for participation in federal contributions.

    (6)    The coordinator shall, with the consent in writing of the city manager, appoint various public shelter managers who, in the case of national or civil emergency, shall open public shelters, take charge of all stocks of food, water and other supplies stored in the shelters, admit the public in accordance with the city shelter use plan, and take whatever control measures necessary for the protection and safety of the occupants. Such public shelter managers are authorized to use reasonable restraint against those who refuse to cooperate with the routine of shelter living under emergency conditions; refusal of a person to carry out the reasonable orders of the shelter manager and his appointed staff shall be deemed a misdemeanor.

(Code 1964, § 6.050; Ord. No. 10457, § 1, 2-18-85)