Section 7-21 Emergency operations plan.

(a)    The administrator shall prepare a comprehensive emergency operations plan consisting of a basic plan, annex A covering direction and control of the emergency operations center and administrative annexes that implement the basic plan.

(b)    The City Council shall adopt the basic plan and annex A and any amendments to these documents.  

(c)    The city manager shall adopt administrative annexes to the plan that the manager considers necessary or desirable to implement the basic plan.  The city manager shall adopt any amendments to these annexes that the manager considers necessary or desirable.

(d)    The administrator shall review the emergency operations plan annually.  If the administrator believes any changes to the plan are necessary or desirable, the administrator shall recommend such changes to the city manager for appropriate action.

(Code 1964, § 6.090; Ord. No. 10457, § 1, 2-18-85; Ord. No. 17169, § 1, 2-4-02)

(17169, Amended, 02/04/2002, Prior Text)