Prior to the adoption of 17169 on 02/04/2002, Section 7-35 read as follows.

    (a) The city manager or his designee may authorize the police department, fire department, public works department, water and light department, joint communications and information center and department of emergency management to provide assistance to any governmental agency in Missouri or in a bordering state at the time of a significant emergency such as fire, earthquake, flood, tornado, storm, hazardous material incident or civil disturbance.

    (b) Requests for emergency assistance shall be promptly communicated to the city manager or his designee.

    (c) Emergency assistance shall not be authorized if, in the opinion of the city manager or his designee, the safety of the inhabitants of Columbia would be jeopardized if such assistance were provided.

    (d) This section does not supersede any existing mutual aid agreement, ordinance or resolution.

(Ord. No. 14328 § 1, 1-3-95)