Section 7-5 Emergency water regulations.

(a)    The City Manager is authorized to declare a water use emergency under any of the following conditions:

1.    An equipment failure, large fire or water main break has caused or, unless emergency water conservation measures are taken, will cause inadequate water pressures and flows for fire protection.

    2.    Water system pumping is reasonably estimated to reach the 24 million gallons per day level.

(b)    After declaring a water use emergency, the City Manager shall establish temporary emergency regulations.  The procedures and penalties of section 7-4 (b) shall apply to these regulations.

Cross-reference - fire flow standards, Section 27-58.

(Ord. No. 16423, § 1, 5-1-00; Ord. No. 17169, § 1, 2-4-02)

(17169, Amended, 02/04/2002, Prior Text; Ord. 16423, Amended, 05/01/2000, Prior Text)