Section 9-1 Fire lanes.

    (a) The fire chief may designate fire lanes on private and public property. Such area shall be designated by signs at each end of the lane which say "No Parking--Fire Lane." Fire lanes may be established on driveways and access roads required by the zoning ordinances applicable to the property in question, provided that fire lanes may not be established on property containing one-or two-family residential dwellings.

    (b) Upon notice by the fire chief of designation of a fire lane, it shall be the duty of the owner, occupant, or his agent, of the premises upon which the fire lane has been designated, to post proper signs and to maintain such signs in good condition.

    (c) The traffic engineer is hereby authorized to provide any owner, occupant, or his agent, of any premises having a designated fire lane with such legally sufficient signs and sign standards as are necessary for the owner, occupant, or agent to properly post the designated fire lane.

    (d) Written application for signs designating fire lanes shall be made to the traffic engineer specifying in detail the number of signs needed and the exact location of the fire lane as designated by the fire chief as provided in subsection (a) of this section.

    (e) Signs shall be provided for a price not to exceed the cost to the city of obtaining such signs.

    (f) All signs provided for in this section shall conform to the size requirements and posting rules and guidelines established by the fire chief.

(Code 1964, §§ 9.1615(1), 9.1616, 9.1617; Ord. No. 10138, § 1, 4-2-84)

     Cross reference(s)--Stopping, standing and parking of motor vehicles generally, § 14-281 et seq.