Section 9-43 Blocking fire hydrants and fire department connections.

    (a) Prohibition. It shall be unlawful to obscure from view, damage, deface, obstruct or restrict access to any fire hydrant or any fire department connection for the pressurization of fire suppression systems, including fire hydrants and fire department connections that are located on public or private streets and access lanes, or on private property.

    (b) Removal by fire official. If, upon the expiration of the time mentioned in a notice of violation, obstructions or encroachments are not removed, the fire official shall proceed to remove the same. Costs incurred in the performance of necessary work shall be paid from the city treasury on certificate of the fire chief, and with the approval of the city manager the city counselor shall institute appropriate action for the recovery of such costs.

(Code 1964, § 9.1586)