Section 9-6 Private fire hydrants.

    All new and existing shipyards, oil storage plants, lumber yards, amusement or exhibition parks, and educational or institutional complexes and similar occupancies and uses involving high fire or life hazards, and which are located more than one hundred fifty (150) feet from a public street or which require quantities of water beyond the capabilities of the public water distribution system, shall be provided with properly placed fire hydrants. Such fire hydrants shall be capable of supplying fire flows as required by the fire official and shall be connected to a water system in accordance with accepted engineering practices. The fire official shall designate and approve the number and location of fire hydrants. The fire official may require the installation of sufficient fire hose and equipment housed in accordance with the approved rules and may require the establishment of a trained fire brigade when the hazard involved requires such measures. Private hydrants shall not be placed into or removed from service until approved by the fire official.

(Code 1964, § 9.1596)

     Cross reference(s)--Water service, § 27-57 et seq.