Section 101-051 Ord. 16333; Adding a New Utilities Engineer Position in the Water and Light Department; Appropriating Funds

Ordinance No.           16333               Council Bill No.           B 19-00            


adding a new utilities engineer position in the Water and Light Department; appropriating funds; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.

    SECTION 1. The following position is added to the Water and Light Department (Water Division - Administration and General) authorized personnel as shown in the FY 2000 budget:

    One (1)     Utilities Engineer II

    SECTION 2. The sum of $26,260.00 is hereby appropriated from the Water Fund Retained Earnings Account No. 550-7040-351.01-00 to the following accounts:

     ACCOUNT NO.    NAME                        AMOUNT
550-7040-600.01-01        Permanent Positions                    $   21,352.24
550-7040-600.01-35        Deferred Compensation Match            533.87
550-7040-600.02-10        Social Security                    1,633.53
550-7040-600.02-20        LAGERS                        527.70
550-7040-600.02-30        Disability Insurance                    17.46
550-7040-600.02-34        Employee Health Insurance                1,869.70
550-7040-600.02-36        Life Insurance                        94.50
550-7040-600.02-40        Other Benefits                        91.00
550-7040-600.02-42        Employee Parking                    140.00
    SECTION 3.  This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage.

        PASSED this ______ day of ______________________________, 2000.