Section 101-062 Res. 15-00; Public Hearing RE: Voluntary Annexation of Property Located on the West Side of Lake of the Woods Road, North of Evergreen Acres Subdivision

Council Bill No.          R 15-00          


setting a public hearing on the voluntary annexation of property located on the west side of Lake of the Woods Road, north of Evergreen Acres Subdivision owned by Open Heart Fellowship, Inc.

    SECTION 1.  A verified petition requesting the annexation of certain lands owned solely by Open Heart Fellowship, Inc. was filed with the City on January 18, 2000.  A copy of this petition, which contains the description of the property, is attached to and made a part of this resolution.

    SECTION 2.  The land proposed to be annexed lies in an unincorporated portion of Boone County, which is contiguous and compact to the existing corporate limits of the City of Columbia, Missouri.

    SECTION 3.  In accordance with Section 71.012, RSMo, a public hearing on this annexation request shall be held on February 21, 2000, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber of the Daniel Boone Building, 701 E. Broadway, in the City of Columbia, Missouri.

    SECTION 4.  The City Clerk is directed to cause notice of this hearing to be published at least seven days prior to the date of the hearing in two newspapers of general circulation in Boone County, Missouri, which are qualified to publish legal matters.

        ADOPTED this ______ day of ___________________________, 2000.