Section 101-206 Ord. 16427; Voluntary Annexation of Property Located North of Brown School Road, Extended and West of U.S. Highway 63; Establishing Permanent C-3 Zoning

Ordinance No.           16427               Council Bill No.          B 115-00             


extending the corporate limits of the City of Columbia, Missouri, by annexing property located north of Brown School Road, extended and west of U.S. Highway 63; placing the property annexed in District C-3; amending the Land Use Plan; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.


    SECTION 1.  The City Council hereby finds that a verified petition was filed with the City on March 8, 2000, requesting the annexation of land which is contiguous and compact to the existing corporate limits of the City and which is described in Section 4 of this ordinance.  This petition was signed by the sole owner of the fee interest of record in the land proposed to be annexed.  A public hearing was held concerning this matter on April 17, 2000.  Notice of this hearing was published more than seven days prior to the hearing in two newspapers of general circulation qualified to publish legal matters.  At the public hearing all interested persons, corporations and political subdivisions were permitted to present evidence regarding the proposed annexation.

    SECTION 2.  The Council determines that the annexation is reasonable and necessary to the proper development of the City and that the City has the ability to furnish normal municipal services to the area to be annexed within a reasonable time.

    SECTION 3.  The Council determines that no written objection to the proposed annexation has been filed within fourteen days after the public hearing.

    SECTION 4.  The City Council hereby extends the city limits by annexing the land described in Section 1-11.73 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Columbia, Missouri, which is hereby added to Chapter 1 of the City Code and which reads as follows:

    Section 1-11.73.  May, 2000 Extension of Corporate Limits.

    The corporate limits of the City of Columbia shall include the following land:

A tract of land, containing 3.989 acres, more or less, in the northeast 1/4 of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 30, Township 49 North, Range 12 West, Boone County, Missouri, being all that land described by the General Warranty Deed recorded in Book 1084, Page 474 of the records of said county, lying west of the right-of-way for State Highway Route 63 and lying northerly of the following described line:

Commencing at station 931+69.85 centerline median Route 63=2+35 Oakland Gravel Road as described by Parcel 2 of Missouri State Highway and Transportation Commission Job No. J5P0720 PE and recited within said General Warranty Deed, said Parcel 2 being the basis of bearings for this description; thence along the centerline of said Oakland Gravel Road South 48E 41'24" West 103.52 feet to the Point of Curvature (hereinafter PC) of a 763.94-foot radius curve to the left at station 3+38.52; thence leaving said centerline of said Oakland Gravel Road but continuing with the same stationing and along said curve 168.29 feet (a chord bears South 42E 22'45" West 167.95 feet) to its Point of Tangency (hereinafter PT) at station 5+06.81; thence North 53E 55'54" West to 40.00 feet right of said station 5+06.81; thence South 36E 04'06" West 193 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning for this described line, at the intersection of the westerly line of the right-of-way for said Route 63 at approximately 22 feet southerly along said westerly line from 460.00 feet right of station 931+69.85 of said centerline or Route 63; from the point of beginning continuing South 36E 04'06" West 17 feet, more or less, in all a total of 209.79 feet along said line bearing South 36E 04'06" West to the PC of a 746.96-foot radius curve to the right at 40.00 feet right of station 7+16.60 of said centerline continuation of Oakland Gravel Road; thence along the last said curve 200.40 feet to a Point of Compound Curvature to a radius of 50.00 feet at 40.00 feet right of station 9+27.73 of the last said centerline; thence along said 50.00-foot radius curve 27 feet, more or less, to the end of this described line at the intersection of the last said curve with the westerly line of that land described by said General Warranty Deed at approximately 108 feet southerly along said westerly line from a point at 635.00 feet right of station 931+25.00 of said centerline median.

    SECTION 5.  The City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to cause three certified copies of this ordinance to be filed with the Clerk of Boone County, Missouri.

    SECTION 6.  The property described in Section 4 is in the Second Ward.

    SECTION 7.  The Zoning District Map established and adopted by Section 294 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Columbia, Missouri, is hereby amended so that the property described in Section 4 will be zoned and become a part of District C-3 (General Business).

    SECTION 8.  The property described in Section 4 is designated “Commercial” on the Land Use Plan.

    SECTION 9.  This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage.

    PASSED this 1st day of May, 2000.