Section 101-463 Ord. 16581; Approving the PUD Site Plan of Bearfield Meadows; Granting a Variance RE: Street Width

Ordinance No.           16581               Council Bill No.           B 276-00A            


approving the Planned Unit Development Site Plan of Bearfield Meadows; granting a variance from the Subdivision Regulations regarding street width; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.


    Section 1.  The City Council hereby approves the Planned Unit Development Site Plan of Bearfield Meadows, dated June 10, 2000, located on the west side of Bearfield Road, approximately 500 feet south of Nifong Boulevard.  The approval of Planned United Development Site Plan of Bearfield Meadows is subject to the following conditions which have been agreed to by the property owner:

    1.    Changes to Present Plan
        a.    The existing plan contains four (4) detention/dry extended detention ponds, two large ponds and two small ponds.
        b.    This plan is amended so that the two large dry extended detention ponds will be redesigned to be wet extended detention ponds built to the construction standards as set forth in section 115 of the Greene County Storm Water Design Standards or other appropriate standards as determined by the Director of Public Works.
        c.    This change is being made because wet extended detention ponds are better suited to meet the expectations of water quality protection for these two larger drainage areas within Bearfield Meadows P.U.D.
        d.    In order to avoid any further delay and to allow construction of Bearfield Meadows P.U.D., the redesign of the two wet extended detention ponds shall be allowed during the construction of the subdivision without withholding a land disturbance permit for the development.  The redesign of the wet extended detention ponds must be approved by the Public Works Department prior to any building permits being issued within the development.

    2.    Enforcement of the Maximum 30% Impervious Area Requirement
        a.    As provided on the Bearfield Meadows P.U.D. Plan, a maximum of 30% impervious area of the gross area is allowed within the development.
        b.    The tracking of impervious area must be performed in order to insure that this maximum impervious area is not exceeded.
        c.    Each plot plan submitted with a building permit application for a structure within the Bearfield Meadows P.U.D. shall identify the square footage of all proposed impervious areas on the property covered by the plot plan.  Before a certificate of occupancy is issued for any structure within the Bearfield Meadows P.U.D., the property owner must provide the Public Works Department with a statement of the actual amount of impervious area on the lot or lots covered by the certificate of occupancy.  The statement must be certified by a licensed professional engineer.
        d.    The Public Works Department will be responsible for tracking and keeping records of the area of all impervious improvements within the development to insure that this maximum impervious area is not exceeded.
        e.    The Public Works Department will not issue permits for any improvement when the construction of the improvement will result in the 30% maximum impervious area being exceeded.

    3.    The Developer shall prepare and record covenants for the Bearfield Meadows P.U.D. acceptable to the City and shall enter into an agreement with the City concerning the building and maintenance of water control structures prior to the first lot being sold.

    SECTION 2.  Approval of the PUD Site Plan shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements for a Preliminary Plat of a Subdivision.

    SECTION 3.  The City Council grants a variance from the requirements of Section 25-43 of the Subdivision Regulations so that the streets within the development may be constructed with a pavement width of twenty-eight feet.
    SECTION 4.  This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage.

    PASSED this 5th day of September, 2000.