Section 101-485 Ord. 16593; Establishing Parks and Recreation Fees for FY 2001

Ordinance No.            16593              Council Bill No.            B 286-00 A           


repealing Ordinance 16184; establishing Parks and Recreation fees; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.


    SECTION 1.  Ordinance 16184 establishing Parks and Recreation fees is hereby repealed in its entirety.

    SECTION 2.  The following Parks and Recreation fees are hereby established:

a.    Recreation Classes.  Any activity (unless specified elsewhere in this ordinance) that has as its main objective to instruct a participant for the purpose of increasing the participant’s skill level, will carry a fee of:

    Children (17 and under)    $  5.00-60.00
    Adults    5.00-60.00

The fee for each individual class is based upon the recovery of direct costs associated with the program.

b.    Team Activities

    Volleyball Leagues    $ 18.00/game
    Softball Leagues    18.00-21.00/game
    Basketball Leagues     24.00/game
    Flag Football Leagues    20.00/game
    Tennis Leagues
        Singles    18.00/person
        Doubles    12.00/person
    Youth Sports (individual fee per scheduled games)    1.00/game

No advance forfeit fee will be charged; however, any team forfeiting a game must pay a $15.00 re-entry fee before being allowed to continue playing in the activity league.

c.    Golf Courses
For use of the greens at the L.A. Nickell and Lake of the Woods Golf Courses, the following fees are hereby established:

    Greens Fees
    Weekday Play (limit 18 holes)     $ 10.25
        Monday - Thursday
    Weekend and Holiday Play (limit 18 holes)     14.25
        Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
Twilight Weekday Play     7.25
    Twilight Weekend and Holiday Pay     10.25
(Twilight Fee - Effective after 4 p.m. during October 1-March 31 and after 6 p.m. during April 1 - September 30)
    Recreation facility use charge per greens fee paid     .75
    Golf Course Capital Improvement Fee per greens fee paid*    3.00
    Season Passes
    Family Pass both courses    495.00
        For the purposes of this ordinance “family” means any two related persons residing at the same address.  Additional
        related persons living at the same address may be added
        to the pass if they are under the age of 22 for a
        cost of $50.00 per individual.  Proof of residence and
        age may be required.
        Family Pass Recreation facility use charge (per pass)    30.00
        Golf Course Capital Improvement Fee*     125.00
    Single Pass, both courses      367.50
        Single Pass Recreation facility use charge     22.50
        Golf Course Capital Improvement Fee*     110.00
    Junior Pass (17 and under), both courses     155.60
        Junior Pass Recreation facility use charge     16.90
    Senior Pass (60 and over), both courses     247.50
        Senior Pass Recreation facility use charge     22.50
        Golf Course Improvement Fee*     110.00
    Senior Family Pass (60 and over), both courses     395.00
        Applicable for two adults 60 years of age
        and over for related persons residing at
           the same address.  No additional family
        members may be added to this pass. Proof of residence
        and age may be required.
        Sr. Family Pass Recreation facility use charge (per pass)  30.00
        Golf Course Capital Improvement Fee*     125.00
Any person purchasing a season pass after August 15 will be charged one-half the regular price.
    Educational Instruction Team Member Fee**     $  6.00
    Driving Range Ball Rental     3.00-10.00
* All revenues derived from the Golf Course Capital Improvement Fee shall become a part of the Capital Improvements Project Fund for improvements to the golf course only.

** This fee is available on weekdays only to members of an official team of any educational institution in Boone County (except the Columbia Public School System which shall be exempt from the fee) when playing with the official team of the institution and accompanied by the coach or other authorized representative of the educational institution.

d.    For Admission to Columbia Municipal Swimming Facilities (excluding Pirates Landing and Oakland Family Aquatic Center):

    Children (2 and under) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     Free
    Children (3 - 15)    $  1.50
    Adults (16 and over)     2.50
    After 6:00 pm     1.25
    20 Children's Swim Tickets (3 - 15)    20.00
    20 Adult Swim Tickets (16 and over)    35.00
    Swim Lessons (Infant, Toddler, Parent-assisted
      Preschool)     27.00
    Swim Lessons (Levels 1 - 7)     30.00
    Swim Lessons (Advanced and Adult Lessons)    30.00
    Lap Swimming (per session)     35.00
    Pool Rental (2-hour rental, $1/person for
      more than 50 people)     100.00
    Locker Rental     .25
    Aquatic Exercise  (Drop-in Rate)     2.50
                (10 Pass Rate)     22.00

    Pirates Landing and Oakland Family Aquatic Center:
    Children (2 and under)    Free
    Children (3 - 15)$    $  2.00
    Adults (16 and over)    3.00
    After 6:00 pm     1.75
    20 Children's Swim Tickets (3 - 15)     30.00
    20 Adults' Swim Tickets (16 and over)    45.00

e.    OAK Tours Fee
Any senior adult participating in OAK Tours will
    be required to pay an annual fee    $ 10.00

f.    Other Special Fees
    Day Camp (per person, per session)    $155.00
    Tennis Tournaments
         Singles Children (15 and under)     7.50
         Singles Adult (16 and over)    12.00
         Doubles (all ages)    15.00
    Noon Club (per day)    2.00
    Shelter Reservations     21.00-50.00
    Garden Plots (per year)    17.50
    Festival Displays (per day)    17.50-50.00
    Coin-Operated Pitching and other game machines     .25-1.00

g.    Recreational Centers
    Armory Gymnasium
    a.  Normal Business Hours    $ 15.00 per hour
    b.  Non-Business Hours    $30.00 per hour
    c.  Daily Rentals    Charged by appropriate hourly rate
    Conference Rooms - Hourly Rate     $10 - $100
    Rock Quarry recreation classes (per hour)    10.00-100.00

Recreation Classes will be charged at the rate set forth in Section 2 (a).

h.    Athletic Field Rentals
    a.  Without lights per hour     $ 15.00
    b.  With lights per hour     20.00
    c.  Per game (marked fields)     40.00
    d.  Daily rate (marked fields)    100.00
    e.  Daily rate (marked, w/ temporary fence)    150.00

    Soccer - per field
    a.  Fields 1,2,3 and 6
            Per game     30.00
            Per day    100.00
    b.  Fields 4 and 5
            Per game without lights     45.00
            Per game with lights     80.00
            Per day    120.00
    c.  Fields 7 through 19
            Per game     15.00
            Per day     80.00

i.    Transportation Charges
Transportation (bus or vans) provided by Parks and Recreation
    Department for any activity outside service area of Boone
    County, except for those activities deemed by the Director of
    Parks and Recreation to be representational    $ 10.00

j.    Promotional Pricing.  In order to promote additional attendance, the Director of Parks and Recreation is authorized to reduce fees at certain times and to offer reduced fee coupons.
  1. Special Events.  Fees for each special event are based upon

    direct costs      $25.00 - $250.00
l.    All revenues derived from the fees set forth in Sections 2 (a) through (j) shall become a part of the Recreation Services Fund of the City unless otherwise specified.

m.    Recreation Facility Use Charge

1.    The following recreational facility use charges are established for participation in City or private club sponsored activities which schedule the use of facilities owned, maintained or scheduled by the City:

        $ .45 per hour per person (17 and under)
        $ .60 per hour per person (18 and over)
        $7.50 per month maximum charge for any individual for any one activity.

    2.    A 10% recreation facility use charge shall be added to all park and recreation facility rental fees established by this ordinance.

    3.    All recreation facility use charge revenues shall become a part of the Capital Improvements Project Fund for parks and recreational facilities.

    SECTION 3.  This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after October 1, 2000.

    PASSED this 18th day of September, 2000.