Section 106-654; Defeated B354-05A; Extending the corporate limits of the City of Columbia, Missouri, by annexing property located on the west side of Strawn Road, across from the Worley Street intersection

Ordinance No.            Defeated                      Council Bill No.            B 354-05 A           


extending the corporate limits of the City of Columbia, Missouri, by annexing property located on the west side of Strawn Road, across from the Worley Street intersection; directing the City Clerk to give notice of the annexation; placing the property annexed in District R-1; approving the Preliminary Plat of Bellwood, a major subdivision; granting a variance to the Subdivision Regulations relating to sidewalk construction; setting forth a condition of approval; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.


    SECTION 1.    The City Council hereby finds that a verified petition was filed with the City on July 8, 2005, requesting the annexation of land which is contiguous and compact to the existing corporate limits of the City and which is described in Section 4 of this ordinance.  This petition was signed by Janet McMickle Roddy, the sole owner of the fee interest of record in the land proposed to be annexed.  A public hearing was held concerning this matter on September 19, 2005.  Notice of this hearing was published more than seven days prior to the hearing in two newspapers of general circulation qualified to publish legal matters.  At the public hearing all interested persons, corporations and political subdivisions were permitted to present evidence regarding the proposed annexation.

    SECTION 2.    The Council determines that the annexation is reasonable and necessary to the proper development of the City and that the City has the ability to furnish normal municipal services to the area to be annexed within a reasonable time.

    SECTION 3.    The Council determines that no written objection to the proposed annexation has been filed within fourteen days after the public hearing.

    SECTION 4.    The City Council hereby extends the city limits by annexing the land described in Section 1-11.164 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Columbia, Missouri, which is hereby added to Chapter 1 of the City Code and which reads as follows:

    Section 1-11.164. October, 2005 Extension of Corporate Limits.

The corporate limits of the City of Columbia shall include the following land:

A tract of land located in the southeast quarter and the southwest quarter of Section 8, Township 48 North, Range 13 West, in Boone County, Missouri, being further described as follows:

Beginning at the center of said Section 8; thence S83°26’50”E, 1875.48 feet to the westerly right-of-way of Missouri Route ZZ; thence along said right-of-way S39°32’40”E, 70.08 feet; thence S47°08’20”E, 75.66 feet; thence S39°32’40”E, 4.20 feet; thence along a curve to the left having a radius of 1944.86 feet for an arc length of 177.64 feet, the long chord bears S42°09’40”E, 177.58 feet; thence S44°46’40”E, 704.70 feet; thence along a curve to the right having a radius of 537.96 feet for an arc length of 38.55 feet, the long chord bears S42°43’30”E, 38.54 feet; thence leaving said right-of-way S1°10’25”W, 830.61 feet; thence S87°52’15”W, 154.40 feet; thence N82°38’05”W, 325.63 feet; thence N69°18’45”W, 892.56 feet; thence S1°24’55”W, 12.54 feet; thence N83°22’05”W, 1693.63 feet; thence N2°40’30”W, 208.03 feet; thence N5°06’20”W, 249.00 feet; thence S87°10’40”E, 419.04 feet; thence N1°11’20”E, 843.98 feet to the Point of Beginning and containing 82.21 acres.

    SECTION 5.    The City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to cause three certified copies of this ordinance to be filed with the Clerk of Boone County, Missouri. The City Clerk is further authorized and directed to forward to the Missouri Department of Revenue, by registered or certified mail, a certified copy of this ordinance and a map of the City clearly showing the area annexed to the City.

    SECTION 6.    The property described in Section 4 is in the Second Ward.

    SECTION 7.    The Zoning District Map established and adopted by Section 29-4 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Columbia, Missouri, is hereby amended so that the property described in Section 4 will be zoned and become a part of District R-1 (One-Family Dwelling District).

    SECTION 8.  The City Council hereby approves the Preliminary Plat of Bellwood, dated July, 2005, a major subdivision containing approximately 82.21 acres, and hereby confers upon the subdivider the following rights for a period of seven years from the date of this approval:

    A.    The terms and conditions under which the Preliminary Plat was given will not be changed.

    B.    The subdivider may submit on or before the expiration date the whole or any part of the subdivision for final approval.

    C.    The time for filing the final plat may be extended by the Council for a specified period on such terms and conditions as the Council may approve.”

    SECTION 9.    Prior to approval of the Final Plat of this Subdivision, the subdivider shall have completed the improvements required by the Subdivision Regulations, or in lieu of completion of the work and installations referred to, present security to the City Council with surety and conditions satisfactory and acceptable to the City Council, providing for and securing the actual construction and installation of the improvements and utilities; or put the City Council in an assured position to do the work, obligating the developer to install the improvements indicated on the plat, provided that no occupancy permit will be issued to any person for occupancy of any structure on any street that is not completed in front of the property involved, or the utilities have not been installed to the satisfaction of the City.

    SECTION 10.    Subdivider is granted a variance from the requirements of Section 25-48.1 of the Subdivision Regulations so that a sidewalk shall not be required along Strawn Road (Route ZZ); provided, that subdivider shall make a payment in lieu of sidewalk construction equivalent to the cost of constructing a five foot sidewalk along the Strawn Road (Route ZZ) frontage.

    SECTION 11.    Approval of the Preliminary Plat is subject to the condition that the subdivider shall complete a horizontal and vertical engineering alignment study to demonstrate that Bellwood Subdivision and the future extension of Scott Boulevard are compatible.

    SECTION 12.    This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage.

    DEFEATED this 7th day of November, 2005.