Section 106-661; Ord. 18757; Rezoning property located on the northeast corner of Grindstone Parkway (State Route AC) and Bearfield Road from Districts R-3, O-1 and C-3 to District C-P

Ordinance No.            18757                      Council Bill No.            B 400-05           


rezoning property located on the northeast corner of Grindstone Parkway (State Route AC) and Bearfield Road from Districts R-3, O-1 and C-3 to District C-P; repealing all conflicting ordinances or parts of ordinances; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.


    SECTION 1.    The Zoning District Map established and adopted by Section 29-4 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Columbia, Missouri, is amended so that the following property:

A tract of land in the northwest quarter of Section 29, Township 48 North, Range 12 West in Columbia, Boone County, Missouri and being further described as follows:

Starting at the west quarter corner of Section 29 as shown by the highway plans for Missouri Route ‘AC’; thence N01°29’05”E, 53.52 feet; thence N01°09’30”E, 167.68 feet; thence S88°50’ 30”E, 78.74 feet; thence N21°02’40”E, 15.56 feet to the Point of Beginning of Tract 1; thence N05°55’10”W, 61.12 feet; thence N24°24’30”E, 90.25 feet; thence N28°56’50”E, 100.80 feet; thence N45°06’40”E, 172.73 feet; thence S35°48’00”E, 18.34 feet; thence N65°38’05”E, 43.19 feet to a point on the right-of-way of Old 63; thence southeasterly along said right-of-way and along a curve to the right having a radius of 2118.59 feet for an arc length of 22.89 feet, the chord of said curve being S38°39’55”E, 22.89 feet; thence N45°13’35”E, 76.73 feet to the southerly line of a vacated right-of-way by City Ordinance recorded in Book 2411, Page 4; thence along said line, S44°46’25”E, 205.04 feet; thence N45°13’25”E, 67.00 feet to the north right-of-way line of Business Route 63; thence along said north line, S44°46’25” E, 167.32 feet; thence along the chord of a spiral curve, S45°59’45”E, 143.49 feet; thence along a curve to the left having a radius of 1045.91 feet for an arc length of 284.77 feet, the chord of said curve being S56°16’20”E, 283.90 feet; thence S25°55’30”W, 99.85 feet to the north right-of way of Route ‘AC’; thence along said right-of-way, S89°51’30”W, 12.19 feet; thence N63°43’25”W, 73.94 feet; thence N89°58’25”W, 95.26 feet; thence S83°52’00”W, 86.01 feet; thence N82°49’35”W, 69.77 feet; thence S34°11’20”E, 2.31 feet; thence N81°59’15”W, 118.61 feet; thence N78°21’25”W, 93.26 feet; thence N86°08’00”W, 243.75 feet; thence N78°13’25”W, 144.06 feet; thence N05°55’10”W, 60.84 feet to the Point of Beginning and containing 6.93 acres.

will be rezoned and become a part of District C-P (Planned Business District) and taken away from District R-3 (Medium Density Multiple-Family Dwelling District), O-1 (Office District) and C-3 (General Business District).  Hereafter the property may be used for all permitted uses in District C-3 except for the following: print shops; repair of household appliances; assembly or lodge halls; armories; bus stations; newspaper publishing plants; sign painting shops; commercial swimming pools; farm machinery sales and service; kennels; miniature golf courses; mortuaries; motor vehicle-trailer sales; self-storage facilities; and, tree trimming and removal services.  The statement of intent, marked “Exhibit A,” is attached to and made a part of this ordinance.

    SECTION 2.    All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed.

    SECTION 3.    This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage.

    PASSED this 7th  day of November, 2005.