Section 107-266; Res. 96-06; Approving the Preliminary Plat of Tuscany Ridge, a major subdivision

Council Bill No. R 96-06


approving the Preliminary Plat of Tuscany Ridge, a major subdivision.


    SECTION 1.    The City Council hereby approves the Preliminary Plat of Tuscany Ridge, dated March 8, 2006, a major subdivision located south and west of the southwest corner of Brown Station Road and Waco Road, extended, containing approximately 138.74 acres, and hereby confers upon the subdivider the following rights for a period of seven years from the date of this approval:

A.    The terms and conditions under which the Preliminary Plat was given will not be changed.

B.    The subdivider may submit on or before the expiration date the whole or any part of the subdivision for final approval.

C.    The time for filing the final plat may be extended by the Council for a specified period on such terms and conditions as the Council may approve.

Approval of the Preliminary Plat is subject to the condition that before filing the first Final Plat, the property owner shall have a traffic study performed that covers the need and design criteria for the turn lanes on Brown Station Road and the need and timing of an extension of Waco Road and/or the construction of Venetian Parkway.

    SECTION 2.    Prior to approval of the Final Plat of this Subdivision, the subdivider shall have completed the improvements required by the Subdivision Regulations, or in lieu of completion of the work and installations referred to, present security to the City Council with surety and conditions satisfactory and acceptable to the City Council, providing for and securing the actual construction and installation of the improvements and utilities; or put the City Council in an assured position to do the work, obligating the developer to install the improvements indicated on the plat, provided that no occupancy permit will be issued to any person for occupancy of any structure on any street that is not completed in front of the property involved, or the utilities have not been installed to the satisfaction of the City.

    ADOPTED this 17th day of April, 2006.