Section 107-343; Ord. 19056; Accepting the bid of Case Excavating, LLC for construction of Sanitary Sewer District No. 149 (Edgewood Avenue)

Ordinance No. 19056                            Council Bill No. B 205-06


accepting the bid of Case Excavating, LLC for construction of Sanitary Sewer District No. 149 (Edgewood Avenue); confirming the contract; authorizing the City Manager to execute, obtain and record all documents necessary for the improvement; providing for payment therefor; directing the contractor to give bond to the City; providing for compliance with the prevailing wage law; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.


    SECTION 1.    The bid of Case Excavating, LLC in the amount of $96,535.00 for construction of Sanitary Sewer District No. 149 (Edgewood Avenue), in accordance with the plans and specifications therefor, the laws of the State of Missouri, and the Charter and Ordinances of the City, is the bid of the lowest responsible bidder and is hereby accepted.

    SECTION 2.    The contract wherein the City Manager accepts the bid of and lets the contract for the improvement to the contractor is hereby confirmed.

    SECTION 3.    The City Manager is authorized and directed to obtain, execute and have recorded all contracts, licenses, easements, deeds and all other grants or conveyances necessary for construction of the improvement.

SECTION 4.    Payment for this improvement shall be made by special tax bills evidencing special assessments levied and assessed against the property specially benefited in Sanitary Sewer District No. 149 (Edgewood Avenue) by the improvement in proportion to the area of the whole sewer district exclusive of public streets and highways in the manner specified by the laws of the State of Missouri and the Charter and Ordinances of the City of Columbia, in a unit rate not to exceed $0.3595 per square foot; and the balance from the Sanitary Sewer Utility Fund, and from such other funds as may be lawfully appropriated. The tax bills shall be a lien against the lot, parcel or tract of land benefited from the improvement and described in the tax bill for a period of ten years from the date of issue unless sooner paid.

    SECTION 5.    The contractor shall give an approved surety bond to the City in an amount not less than the contract price, or a bond with two or more good and sufficient securities to be approved by the City Manager, conditioned that the contractor will faithfully and completely comply with all the terms and conditions of the contract, and that he will pay for all labor employed and materials used in the work provided for in the contract, and will hold the City harmless on account of any damage which may accrue to any person by reason of the negligence of the contractor in constructing the work and against liens growing out of the labor performed or materials furnished.

    SECTION 6.    The City shall cause to be inserted in the contract a stipulation to the effect that not less than the prevailing hourly rate of wages as determined by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations of Missouri shall be paid to all workers performing work under the contract.  The contractor's bond shall include such provisions as will guarantee the faithful performance of the prevailing hourly wage clause, as provided by the contract.

    SECTION 7.    This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage.

    PASSED this 5th day of June, 2006.