Section 107-557; Ord. 19199; Determining that it is in the public interest to proceed with construction of a new restroom building at Fairview Park

Ordinance No. 19199                            Council Bill No. B 356-06


determining that it is in the public interest to proceed with construction of a new restroom building at Fairview Park; approving and adopting plans and specifications; determining that the work shall be done by contract; calling for bids through the Purchasing Division; determining that a portion of the project shall be done by city employees; providing for payment for the improvement; providing for compliance with the prevailing wage law; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.


    SECTION 1.    The Council finds that construction of a new restroom building at Fairview Park is necessary for the welfare and improvement of the City and that it is in the public interest such improvement be made.

    SECTION 2.    The plans and specifications for this improvement, including a schedule of prevailing hourly wages needed to execute the contract, and the general prevailing rate for legal holiday and overtime work, as prepared by the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department and filed in the office of the City Clerk, are hereby approved, adopted and made a part of this ordinance.

    SECTION 3.    The construction of the improvement shall be done by contract in accordance with the plans and specifications adopted therefor, the laws of the State of Missouri, and the Charter and Ordinances of the City of Columbia, Missouri.

    SECTION 4.    The Purchasing Agent is hereby authorized to call for bids and execute a contract for construction of the restroom building.  As deemed advisable by the City Manager, city employees shall be used to install the necessary utility services.

    SECTION 5.    Payment for this improvement shall be made from Capital Improvement Sales Tax Funds, and such other funds as may be lawfully appropriated.

    SECTION 6.    The City shall cause to be inserted into the contract a stipulation to the effect that not less than the prevailing hourly rate of wages, as found by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations of Missouri, shall be paid to all workers performing work under the contract. The contractor's bond shall include such provisions as will guarantee the faithful performance of the prevailing hourly wage clause, as provided by the contract.

    SECTION 7.    This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage.

    PASSED this 5th day of September, 2006.