Section 110-243; Res. 113-09A; Directing the Planning and Zoning Commission to prepare a new Comprehensive Plan; establishing a Comprehensive Plan Task Force to assist the Planning and Zoning Commission

Council Bill No. R 113-09 A


directing the Planning and Zoning Commission to prepare a new Comprehensive Plan; establishing a Comprehensive Plan Task Force to assist the Planning and Zoning Commission.


    SECTION 1.    The City Council hereby directs the Planning and Zoning Commission (hereafter “Commission”) to study and evaluate the existing Comprehensive Plan, to develop a work program for producing a new Comprehensive Plan, and to prepare a new Comprehensive Plan as provided in Sec. 20-41 of the City of Columbia Code of Ordinances .

    SECTION 2.    The City Council hereby establishes a Comprehensive Plan Task Force (hereafter “Task Force”) consisting of fifteen (15) members appointed by the City Council.  The Planning and Zoning Commission shall be given the opportunity to review the list of applicants and provide comments to the City Council before the Council makes appointments to the Task Force.  Any citizen may be considered for membership, but in making appointments to the Task Force, the City Council and Commission shall consider prior involvement in the Imagine Columbia’ s Future visioning process, service on a city commission, professional credentials or participation in a civic, business, or professional organization as key qualifications for membership.  At least one (1) member shall be a member of the Columbia Vision Commission to facilitate two-way communications between the Task Force and the Columbia Vision Commission.

    SECTION 3.    The Task Force shall advise and assist the Commission and the City Council on all phases of plan development, including citizen involvement, public education and outreach, recruitment of volunteers and review of interim products as described in the Commission’ s scope of work.

    SECTION 4.    The Commission and Task Force shall convene meetings in accordance with the “Guidelines for Convening, Management, and Coordination of Citizen Dialogues,” attached hereto as Exhibit “A,” and as amended from time to time by the Columbia Vision Commission.
    SECTION 5.    The Commission and the Task Force shall use the report Imagine Columbia’ s Future as a basic reference for evaluating the existing Comprehensive Plan and developing vision statements, goals, objectives and policies in the new Comprehensive Plan.

    SECTION 6.    The Commission shall include the following tasks in its development of a new Comprehensive Plan:

a.    Review and evaluate the existing Comprehensive Plan, related plans, and development policies;
b.    Review of data and data analysis to be used in the plan;
c.    Identification of general issue areas;
d.    Development of goals, objectives, and policies (the policy framework);
e.    Development of physical plans (maps and graphic exhibits);
f.    Development of “ growth management” and “smart growth” principles and techniques;
g.    Development of an implementation schedule for carrying out the plan; and
h.    Plan administration policies including uses of the Comprehensive Plan, and procedures for periodic monitoring and amendment of the plan.

    SECTION 7.    Content of the Comprehensive Plan.  At minimum, the Comprehensive Plan shall include the following topical or functional areas:

    a.    Growth management planning;
    b.    Land use;
    c.    Transportation;
    d.    Community facilities and infrastructure;
    e.    Housing;
    f.    Neighborhoods;
    g.    Economic development;
    h.    Environmental management, preservation, and protection;
    i.    Parks and recreation;
    j.    Urban design and historic preservation;
    k.    Special areas, i.e., districts or corridors needing special attention; and
l.    Other development planning topic areas as deemed appropriate by the City Council.

    SECTION 8.    The City Manager shall provide the Commission and Task Force with necessary staff support.    

ADOPTED this 18th day of May, 2009.