Section 110-485; Ord. 20410; Amending Chapter 11 of the City Code relating to Public Health and Human Services Department fees

Ordinance No. 20410                            Council Bill No. B 259-09


amending Chapter 11 of the City Code relating to Public Health and Human Services Department fees; and fixing the time when this ordinance shall become effective.


    SECTION 1.    Chapter 11 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Columbia, Missouri, is hereby amended as follows:

Material to be deleted in strikeout; material to be added underlined.

Sec. 11-17. Charges for health services.

    Patrons of the health department shall pay the following fees for personal health services. No one will be denied health services for inability to pay.  

    Immunization administration fee for state provided vaccines
         (per visit)    $ 10.00 15.00

    Purchase vaccines    vaccine cost plus $ 10.00 15.00 administrative charge

    PPD    cost plus $ 5.00 10.00 administrative charge

     Sports/work physicals    $20.00

     Daycare physicals    $10.00

    Well woman's exam (Non-Title V at 300% poverty)    $30.00
             Sliding scaled fee based on income eligibility
         and Title X / Medicaid guidelines

     Well woman's exam--Employee health    $30.00

    STD clinic visit (non-Boone County resident)    $20.00

     STD clinic visit (Boone County resident)    $10.00

    Pregnancy test    cost plus $ 2.00 5.00 administrative charge

Contraceptive method fees based on sliding scale established for Federal Title X requirements.

    Dental co-pay    $10.00

    Prescription eye glass co-pay    $10.00

     Laboratory Testing    Cost of lab work plus $15.00 drawing fee

. . .

Sec. 11-132. Fees.

    (a)    Food establishments shall pay an annual inspection fee based on their annual gross receipts according to the following schedule:

     (1)    Annual Gross Receipts less than $250,000.00    $ 155.00 165.00

     (2)    Annual Gross Receipts of $250,000.00--$750,000.00     210.00 225.00

     (3)    Annual Gross Receipts more than $750,000.00     395.00 420.00

. . .

    (f)    Persons conducting a temporary food event (an event lasting less than fifteen (15) days) shall pay an inspection fee as follows:

        One--Three day event    $ 15.00 30.00

        Four--Fourteen day event     30.00 60.00

Nonprofit organizations shall not be charged inspection fees for temporary food events. The temporary food event inspection fee shall be paid to the business license administrator prior to receipt of the operating permit.

. . .

Sec. 11-278. Operating permit required; revocation of permit; hearings and appeals.

    (a)        Every person owning, operating or maintaining a class A, B, C, E or F swimming
pool in the City of Columbia shall be required to hold a valid operating permit from the health department. The permit will be issued annually upon application and after certification by the health department that all requirements of this article and the rules and regulations of the health department regarding safety and sanitation have been complied with. An annual inspection fee of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00) two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) per pool or spa permit for pools requiring seasonal inspections shall be collected. An annual inspection fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00) four hundred dollars ($400.00) per pool or spa permit requiring annual inspections shall be collected. Such fees shall be collected by the business license administrator and are payable at the time that the permit is issued.

. . .

    SECTION 2.    This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after October 1, 2009.

    PASSED this 21st day of September, 2009