[ X ] Ordering products can be done one of two ways. 1)Identify the product, vendor and price. Issue a purchase order in the name of the vendor and fax or email your original purchase order to the BuyBoard. BuyBoard staff will log your purchase order for bid compliance and audit purposes and electronically transmit a confirming purchase order to the vendor through the BuyBoard web site. This process is completed within 90 minutes of the BuyBoard receiving your purchase order. Another option, if you choose, you can send the original purchase order to the vendor and send the BuyBoard a confirming copy. Staff will log your purchase order in the BuyBoard system but will not transmit a confirming copy to the vendor. 2)Utilize the BuyBoard web site and workflow to create your purchase order. Each user has a security role, defined by the entity that allows them to shop, create and edit a purchase requisition, approve requisitions, or create and transmit a purchase order to the vendor. Individuals can be assigned multiple roles or a single role, such as a shopper only. Only those individuals with the authority to release a purchase order to a vendor will have the ability to do so. Purchase orders are electronically transmitted to the vendor. All purchase order and requisition history is tracked by BuyBoard and accessible at any time to the users through the web site.