This map is designed to provide City staff with public services information through a convenient web map. The intent of this map is to provide comprehensive property information to quickly provide answers to questions about City services.† This application provides basic mapping support for staff reports, graphic presentations, and for creating mailing labels for property owners or occupants for all City addresses.

The information associated with this map is based on individual property parcels; showing the address, property owner, political jurisdiction, utility services, police and fire protection, zoning, annexation history, school attendance areas, trash/recycling pickup, watersheds,† and special taxing districts.

Using a web browser, tools are provided to both navigate and produce a map that is customized to meet most needs.† The type of mapping background may be selected to best display the geographic features most appropriate for the information being displayed in the map.

General Schematic Background

A basic color or black and white map background designed to support the routine mapping and property information needs of City staff.† The focus of this map background is the graphic representation of the structures and property boundaries in the City of Columbia and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Aerial Photography

The high resolution color aerial photography was flown leaf-off coverage for Boone County, Missouri.† The photography was done in April 2011 at a resolution of 1 pixel = 6 inches. Source: Boone County Assessor

Natural Features Background

Designed to highlight the area terrain features and tree canopy, this background displays natural features such as streams, ponds and lakes, and includes topography using 2 foot contours.† Regulated components of the environment such a floodplain, climax forest, and blue line streams are also featured.

Black and White Schematic Background

A gray scale schematic map designed for basic mapping needs and non-color printing.† Roadways and property boundaries in the City of Columbia and the surrounding metropolitan area are the key elements.

Zoning Background

A color thematic map of the City of Columbia zoning districts.† Tax parcel lines are included to provide a reference to individual properties and the zoning.† In cases where an individual parcel of property may have several zoning districts or overlay zoning districts, this map is a useful guide.

Data Sources

The data source for the parcel boundaries, property ownership, and appraisal information is provided by the Boone County Assessorís Office.† The source for the all other data is internal to the City of Columbia.


City of Columbia, Missouri:

Boone County, Missouri: