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Emergency Snow Routes

Snow Route No Parking Sign When snow accumulates more than 2 inches on the roadway, any vehicle parked on a designated snow route must be moved off of the roadway immediately per city ordinance 14-304. By removing vehicles from priority snow routes, our plows are able to quickly and efficiently clear priority roads for improved public safety responses and move into residential areas when conditions warrant. Please help us clear roads quicker by moving your vehicle during snowfalls greater than 2 inches.


Nixle Icon To sign up for automatic notification when snow accumulations are forecast or do reach 2 inches or greater so you know when to move your vehicle off priority snow routes - Click here. Make sure you subscribe to "Columbia - Public Works" and set SMS message to "Alerts, Advisories, Community".

First and Secondary priority streets:

  • FIRST PRIORITY - major city streets for public safety needs. (ex: Broadway, Green Meadows Road, Vandiver)
  • SECOND PRIORITY streets heavily traveled city collector streets, public safety, school and
    city bus routes as well as streets abutting schools, hospitals and other critical areas. (ex: Derby Ridge Drive)
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Map of 1st and 2nd priority routes in the City of Columbia - click here
List of 1st and 2nd priority streets in the City of Columbia - click here
City Priority Areas - Downtown streets (north - south) and "pilot subdivisions'