Browser Plugins

The City of Columbia provides information on its
Web site in a variety of file formats. Most formats
are easily read and displayed by standard Web browsers,
but some file formats have been specifically developed
for transmitting and displaying special content.
Visitors to the site can download and install free
plug-ins that will enable their browser to view special
content. Links for downloading required plug-ins
are provided below.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe’s Acrobat Reader allows you to view files in
PDF format.  The following resource may be used to troubleshoot common Acrobat Reader problems:

Flash Player
Flash Player makes it possible to view flash movies and other flash interactive content.

Windows Media Player & SilverLight
City Stream uses should download the newest versions of Windows Media Player and Silverlight from Microsoft. Linux users may download Moonlight, an open source implementation of Silverlight.

This is a popular Windows utility for creating and
working with .ZIP files. Modern versions of Windows provide
the capability of viewing zipped files without this

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft reports that the latest version of Microsoft’s
browser software incorporates numerous new features
to make Web surfing easier and more productive. Start
by choosing the correct operating system (version
of Windows) then following links to download Internet

RealPlayer is a useful streaming media player.

QuickTime by Apple makes it possible to receive and
play a variety of streaming audio and video formats.