City Prosecutor’s Office

City Prosecutor’s Office
600 E. Broadway
P. O. Box 6015
Columbia, MO 65205-6015
Voice:  (573) 874-7229
Fax:  (573) 874-7533


Stephen Richey – City Prosecutor
Robert Rinck – Assistant City Prosecutor
Sara Watson – Assistant City Prosecutor

Case Distribution: 

Address your questions to the appropriate attorney for faster response.

Defendant appointments are held on Thursdays. Appointments are only made with the defendant after the charge has been filed. If you choose to meet with a prosecutor, you must contact our office and schedule your appointment prior to your court date.

The City PA can provide discovery and recommendations electronically in a secure format.  Users are required to request an account at:  You will be notified by email that your request has been accepted. Upon entry of appearance on a case, your discovery request will be automatically routed to the appropriate prosecutor for a recommendation and you will be notified by email that a new discovery packet is available for download. For those not wishing to participate in electronic discovery, discovery will be available to view at the Prosecutor’s Office either immediately before the regularly scheduled attorney disposition dockets on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, or on Friday afternoons with an appointment. General questions may be directed to the prosecutor’s office at:

The Municipal Court accepts certain electronic filings, with no need to follow up with a paper copy. Attorneys – save time and costs by filing your forms electronically. There is no need to duplicate with a paper filing. Follow these links for instructions:

You have been summoned – what happens next?