Attorney Workload Distribution

Steve Richey

  • Chapter 4, minus MIP
  • Chapter 16, minus marijuana and paraphernalia tickets.
  • Chapter 17. Parks and Rec.
  • Public works and other miscellaneous violations.
  • Parking ticket protests.
  • Red Light Camera cases.

Robert Rinck

  • Chapter 14 traffic excluding speeding.
  • Chapter 11.

Sara Watson

  • Chapter 4-20 (MIP only)
  • Speeding-only tickets, from Ch 14.
  • MIP Expungements.
  • Chapter 5.
  • Motions to set aside guilty pleas.
  • Marijuana and Paraphernalia tickets from Ch 16.


Cases will be assigned based on the most serious charge brought against the defendant.  The assignment for the overwhelming number of cases will be apparent, but when multiple tickets bring assignment into question, just call our office and ask.

You may also email us at and your query will be forwarded to the responsible attorney.

Attorneys will make offers, conduct plea negotiations, and try cases within their area of responsibility.