Section 21-54 Open records and meetings.

    (a)    Notwithstanding the provisions of section 2-25.3, all records pertaining to complaints filed against police officers alleging misconduct of the police officer shall be open records, except those closed by state or federal law and except that records or portions of records that would disclose the identity of an officer working undercover shall be closed.

    (b)     The board shall meet in open session except as provided in (c) and (d).

    (c)    The board shall meet in closed session to hear statements and discuss matters:

    (1)     That cannot be heard or discussed in an open meeting under state or federal law; or

    (2)    That would involve disclosure of the identity of an officer working undercover.

    (d)    Upon a two-thirds vote of board members present at a meeting, the board may meet in closed session:

    (1)    To hear statements of a witness sixteen (16) years of age or younger; or

    (2)     To hear statements and discuss complaints involving sexual assault or sexual intimidation.

(Ord. No. 20331, § 1, 7-20-09; Ord. No. 21157, § 1, 11-21-11)

Editor's Note:  The authority of the Citzens Police Review Board to review appeals from the police chief's decisions on alleged police misconduct shall only apply to decisions made by the police chief after January 1, 2010.

(Ord. 21157, Amended, 11/21/2011, Prior Text; Ord. 20331, Added, 07/20/2009)